you have just suffered a serious,
possibly catastrophic loss --
you need answers

Maybe you've had to partially or completely close your business. Your employees are idle. You are unable to serve your customers. You have physical damage to repair and equipment to replace. You have fixed expenses to cover. And, you're losing income every day you're shut down.

The insurance company keeps asking for more information, yet they have not even confirmed that the loss is covered. Dealing with the insurance company is adding stress to the day to day challenge of running your business.

Right now, every step you take will have a dramatic impact on how or even if you recover from this loss. How do you make sure you receive the settlement you are entitled to? Are you documenting your loss in the way your insurance company requires, understands and accepts? Do your responses comply with the terms of the insurance policies?


These issues are complex, but the solution is simple: Let Affiliated Adjusters make sure you have the experience and technical knowledge on your team to meet the insurance company on a level playing field. We ensure that you recover the best possible settlement. We help you plan a claims strategy that best suits your business. We handle the details of filing your claim. And, we help you establish an interim business strategy to enable your company to operate effectively while your loss is being adjusted.

Affiliated Adjusters brings the highest level of experience and technology to your team, assuring you the best possible settlement after a loss.